Flowers have been a staple in my life for quite some time.  Living down south afforded me the opportunity to develop an intimate relationship with the earth.  When I moved to Brooklyn I immediately sought out green communities because I realized how vital it is to a successful life.  Brooklyn provided me with the opportunity to discover urban green spaces and it wasn't long after moving to my neighborhood that I joined a community garden and then served on the board for four years.  Consequently, this led to my first floral endeavor in 2014.  I still get anxious and excited every time I work with flowers.  Much like our interpersonal relationships with each other, you start to see the personality of each flower and how well (or not so well) they work together.  Floral Symbiosis is a business model striving to capture the individual and symbiotic effect that flowers have on the environment and in our aesthetic experiences.  

“We can learn so much from flowers; they teach us about life, death, and the in between.”